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Smoky Teas

Smoky teas are a type of tea that have been smoked over a fire, usually using a type of wood. This process gives the tea a distinctive smoky flavor and aroma, which can range from mild and subtle to strong.

Some of the most popular smoky teas include:

Lapsang Souchong is a black tea from the Wuyi Mountains in China that is dried over pine fires, giving it a distinctive smoky flavor and aroma. It is often described as having a campfire or bacon-like taste.

Russian Caravan is a blend of black teas from China, India, and Sri Lanka that have been lightly smoked over pine fires. It has a complex flavor profile with notes of fruit, nuts, and spices, as well as a subtle smokiness.

Gunpowder is a green tea from China that has been lightly smoked over charcoal fires. It is named for its tightly rolled leaves, which resemble pellets of gunpowder, and has a smoky, vegetal flavor.

Hojicha is a Japanese green tea that has been roasted over charcoal fires, giving it a nutty, toasty flavor and a mild smokiness. It is often served as a soothing and comforting tea.

Overall, smoky teas are a great choice for tea lovers who enjoy the taste of smoky flavors in their tea. They pair well with savory and spicy foods, and can be enjoyed on their own or with milk and sweetener.

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