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Tea Travels

Each year we travel to tea growing countries to bring you the best tasting teas from around the world.

Direct Trade

We source our teas directly from farmers with whom we have a committed partnership. Traveling to tea growing countries every year, we support tea farmers around the world including those in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. We have gone to great distances to source all of our teas directly from their regions of origin. Our tea menu is arranged by country, and each tea tells its own story based on our travels and experience with each variety.

Tea Trips

black tea tasting

Sri Lanka, 2020

Teas Sourced: Ceylon Adam's Peak, Ceylon Tiger River

tea field china

Eastern China, 2019

Teas Sourced: Dragon Well, Bi Luo Chun, Lu'an Gua Pian, PuTuo, Ti Guan Yin

taiwan tea tasting

Taiwan, 2018

Teas Sourced: Milk Oolong, Bao Zhong, Ruby Oolong, Tung Ting, Bai Hao

darjeeling tea tasting

India & Nepal, 2017

The focus was on certified organic gardens and suppliers. We visited Shangri-La Tea Garden in Nepal and Singell Organic Tea Estate in Darjeeling, India.

Teas Sourced: Darjeeling, Assam, Nepal Ilam First Flush

yunnan china tea trip

Yunnan, China, 2016

The area of the Golden Triangle (includes southern China, northern Laos, western Myanmar, and northern Thailand) is the historic origin of the tea plant on Earth. Here the wild tea leaves are harvested by hand by members of local tribes. In northern Vietnam, the Hmong tribe members of the Ha Giang Province harvest and process wild tea from ancient trees. On this trip, we discovered Laos Wild Tree also known as Sa Bang (Tea in Bamboo) at the northern border of Laos.

Teas Sourced: Puer, Dian Hong, Golden Buds, Dian Lu Eshan Green; Vietnamese green & black tea; Sa Bang

japan tea trip

Japan & S. Korea, 2014

In addition to visiting Japan, the main goal of this trip was to visit our private supplier of tea in South Korea. Mr. Cho's family farm is located in the picturesque Jiri Shan Mountains in an environment of healthy and undisturbed vegetation. He harvests and processes his organic tea (Nok Cha and Wooricha) exclusively by hand.

Teas Sourced: Japanese teas, Matcha; Nok Cha, Wooricha