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About Us

Passion & Vision

Over 30 years ago, Dobrá Tea created a vision to offer guests to taste the world of tea.

The story of Dobrá Tea began in Prague during the last few years of communism. A group of young tea lovers began meeting to drink teas smuggled into Czechoslovakia. The elite had easier access to high quality teas at that time. After the fall of communism, Dobrá Tea opened its first Bohemian-style tearoom in Prague in 1993. The tearoom became a place where like-minded individuals could gather and taste the world of tea. You can now drink Dobrá teas at our sister tearooms in North Carolina, Pennsylvannia, and Vermont.

Sip the World Tea

Farm Direct Trade Partnerships

Direct Trade

We take great pride in sourcing our teas directly from farmers we trust. Each year, we remove teas from our menu that do not meet our strict high quality standards. 

Tea you can Trust

The majority of our teas fall into one of the following categories: certified organic, wild arbor, permaculturally grown, naturally grown without pesticides, or meets European Union’s testing standards.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the best tasting, high quality artisan tea while prioritizing direct partnerships with farmers who practice healthy, sustainable tea growing methods. In turn, we strive to provide a unique, skillfully crafted tearoom for guests to enjoy while tasting the world of tea.