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Wild Grown

Wild-grown teas are teas that are grown in the wild, without any human intervention or cultivation. These teas are typically harvested from tea plants that are allowed to grow naturally in their native environment, such as forests, mountains, or other natural habitats.

Wild-grown teas are known for their unique and complex flavors, which are influenced by the plant's natural growing conditions and environment. Since the tea plants are not cultivated or sprayed with chemicals, wild-grown teas are also considered to be more natural and healthier than conventionally grown teas.

Some popular types of wild-grown teas include:

Wild-grown pu-erh tea: Pu-erh tea is a fermented tea that is produced in China's Yunnan Province. Wild-grown pu-erh tea is harvested from tea trees that are hundreds of years old and grow naturally in the forests of Yunnan. These teas are prized for their complex and earthy flavors and are often aged for many years before they are consumed.

Wild-grown black tea: Wild-grown black teas are harvested from tea plants that grow naturally in the forests of regions like Yunnan in China and Assam in India. These teas are known for their rich and robust flavors, with notes of malt, chocolate, and spice.

Overall, wild-grown teas are a great option for those who are looking for unique and natural teas that are grown in their natural environment. These teas are often considered to be more flavorful and healthy than conventionally grown teas, and they offer a taste of the diverse and fascinating world of tea.

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