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16.0 oz


  • This premium grade cacao derived from the Criollo variety comes directly from Guatemala where it is grown and harvested in the rain forests.
  • Indigenous Mayan women hand peel each bean before grinding the cacao in a mill.
  • A potent superfood, cacao prepared in this fashion has a very rich flavor, and all of the nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, and beneficial oils remain intact.
  • Ceremonial cacao was used by Ancient Mayan Shamans giving the cacao a spiritual dimension not found in other forms of chocolate.


  • Cacao contains a high amount of magnesium which gives it is calming and relaxing effect.
  • It also contains several “bliss” chemicals: serotonin which improves mood and lowers stress, tryptophan which relaxes the body, anandamide which produces feelings of euphoria, and theobromine which can elevate one's mood.


  • Bitter, earthy, like unsweetened dark chocolate


  • Single-origin cacao from Guatemala


  • In a food processor, add chunks of cacao. Blend to a chunky powder. To prepare, add 1 oz of powdered cacao to 10+ oz of boiling water. Add honey, vanilla, and cinnamon to taste. MIx thoroughly using a blender or a hand-held milk frother.


  • Cacao is also found in Reishi Tonic.
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