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3.5 oz


  • Ceylon low elevation tea, also known as low-grown Ceylon tea, is a type of black tea that is grown in the lower regions of Sri Lanka. This tea is known for its strong, robust flavor and is often used in blends to add depth and body to other teas.

  • The tea leaves used to produce Ceylon low elevation tea are harvested from tea bushes that grow at elevations of less than 2,000 feet above sea level. The warmer temperatures and higher humidity in these regions result in larger leaves that have a stronger flavor and aroma than those grown at higher elevations.

  • Ceylon low elevation tea has a bold and full-bodied flavor with a rich and malty taste. It has a dark amber color and a strong aroma that is often described as being earthy or woody. The tea is known for its high level of tannins, which give it a slightly astringent quality.

  • An excellent, fully aromatic low-mountain tea from the Kandy region of the captivating island of Sri Lanka.


  • Dark, full-bodied, soft caramel, malt


  • Orange Pekoe


  • Sri Lanka


  • Yes


  • Add 1 Tbsp of tea to 12-oz of boiling water. Steep for 2.5 minutes. One infusion.