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Capture the essence of traditional tea culture with our exquisite brown Gaiwan Set handcrafted by a skilled potter in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic. This meticulously crafted set includes a gaiwan and cup, designed to enhance your tea-drinking experience while adding an elegant touch to your tea ceremonies.

Featuring a lidded bowl, the gaiwan allows you to brew and savor tea in the most traditional way. The lid retains the tea's aromas while the bowl provides ample space for tea leaves to unfurl and release their flavors.

Its wide bowl and flared edges provide a stable grip, allowing for precise and controlled pouring. The fitted lid offers added support and stability, ensuring a steady flow of tea from the gaiwan's spout. Whether you are a seasoned tea enthusiast or new to the world of gaiwans, you'll appreciate the ease with which this teaware facilitates a seamless and enjoyable tea pouring experience.

Liquid capacity: 180 ml (6 oz)