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6.5 oz

A glass gongfu tea pitcher is a tea vessel that is commonly used in Chinese tea brewing. It is made of glass and is designed to be used with gongfu-style brewing, which involves steeping tea leaves in small amounts of water for short periods of time to extract the maximum flavor.

The glass pitcher is typically used to hold and pour the brewed tea into cups. Its transparent material allows the tea color and clarity to be observed, which is an important aspect of gongfu-style tea brewing. The pitcher is designed with a spout that makes it easy to pour the tea precisely.

Using a glass gongfu tea pitcher can also enhance the visual appeal of the tea ceremony, as the tea's color and movement can be seen clearly through the glass.


  1. Evenly distribute the flavor of the tea when poured into separate cups

  2. Gong fu tea ceremony

  3. Prevent over steeping of tea in a teapot that holds more tea than the cup you are pouring it into


  • Pours smoothly

  • Made from extra thick borosilicate glass

  • Volume: 350 ml (12 oz)

  • Measurement: 9x12.5cm (image is in mm)