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A Gong Fu tea strainer is a type of fine-mesh strainer that is used in the Gong Fu style of tea brewing. This brewing method involves using a small teapot or gaiwan to brew tea leaves multiple times in quick successions, with each infusion being very short.

The Gong Fu tea strainer is used to filter out the small bits of tea leaves that may be present in the brewed tea. The strainer is made of stainless steel and fine mesh materials, and it fits over the top of the tea pitcher or cup to catch any loose leaves as the tea is poured.

One of the benefits of using a Gong Fu tea strainer is that it helps to ensure a clean and clear tea liquor without any unwanted bits of leaves. Additionally, it allows the tea to flow freely and smoothly from the teapot or gaiwan into the pitcher or cup, without any clogging or slowing of the flow.

• FDA approved stainless steel

• 4.2 cm high

• 7.7 cm top diameter

• 10.4 cm top width including handle