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  • Jasmine Moli Hua Cha, also known as Jasmine tea, is a type of tea that is flavored with the scent of jasmine flowers. It is made by combining green tea leaves with fresh jasmine flowers, which are then allowed to infuse their fragrance into the tea over a period of time.
  • The process of producing high-quality Jasmine Moli Hua Cha involves carefully selecting the tea leaves and fresh jasmine flowers, and then layering them together over a period of time. The tea leaves absorb the scent of the jasmine flowers, and the flowers are then removed and replaced with fresh ones to infuse the tea again, typically for seven cycles. This process is repeated until the desired level of aroma and flavor is achieved.

  • The best quality Jasmine Molihua Cha is typically produced in Fujian province of China, where the climate and soil conditions are ideal for growing both tea and jasmine flowers. The tea leaves used in this tea are often high-quality green tea leaves, which are known for their fresh and delicate flavor.


  • Floral


  • Fujian Province, China


  • Yes


  • Add 1 Tbsp of tea to 12-oz of 85 degrees Celsius water, and steep for 1 minute. Multiple infusions.