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  • Kukicha, also known as twig tea, is a traditional Japanese green tea made from the stems, stalks, and twigs of the tea plant. Unlike other green teas, kukicha has a unique flavor profile that is light and slightly sweet with a subtle earthy undertone.

  • Kukicha translates to "Stem Tea" and is a green tea made from a blend of tea leaves and stems that are collected during the processing of Gyokuro. No part of the tea harvest is wasted. 

  • This type of tea is often a byproduct of Sencha or Hojicha, but our variety is made from the same bushes and leaves used for Gyokuro, giving its flavor finesse and freshness.


  • Summer grass, chestnut, slightly sweet


  • Certified Organic


  • Japan


  • Yes


    • Add 1 Tbsp of tea to 12-oz of 85 degree Celsius water, and steep for 1 minute. Multiple infusions.
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