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  • Persian cardamom rose tea is a blend of organic Assam CTC black tea, organic rose petals and buds, and organic cardamom. It is a fragrant and flavorful tea that is commonly enjoyed in Persian and Middle Eastern cultures.

  • Assam CTC black tea is a strong and robust tea that is produced by the Crush, Tear, Curl (CTC) method, which involves crushing and rolling the leaves to produce small, uniform tea particles. This method produces a tea that is ideal for blending with other ingredients and has a bold, malty flavor that pairs well with the floral and spicy notes of cardamom and rose.

  • Cardamom is a spice that is commonly used in Persian and Middle Eastern cuisine and is known for its warming and aromatic properties. It has a distinct and slightly sweet flavor that pairs well with the bold flavor of black tea.

  • Rose petals are a popular ingredient in Persian cuisine and are known for their delicate and fragrant flavor. They add a subtle floral note to the tea and help to balance the spicy and bold flavors of the black tea and cardamom.

  • This tea is also known as Persian Love Tea. The combination of cardamom and rose in this blend is inspired by the famous Persian Love Cake recipe which Iranian folk legend says was created by a woman who was madly in love with a Persian prince. She made a love potion in the form of a cake in hopes that he would fall in love with her.


  • Organic Assam CTC black tea, organic rose petals & buds, organic cardamom 


  • Malty, mild floral, cardamom taste


    • Yes


    • Add 1 Tbsp of tea to 12-oz of boiling water, and steep for 3 minutes. One infusion.