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  • Tamaryokucha is a type of Japanese green tea that is grown in several regions throughout Japan, including Shizuoka and Kyushu. The tea is known for its unique shape, which resembles pine needles or twisted cords, and its distinct flavor.

  • The tea leaves are steamed and rolled, but are not pressed like other Japanese green teas such as sencha or matcha. This results in a tea that has a slightly tart and fruity flavor, with a mild grassy undertone. Tamaryokucha is also known for its bright green color and strong aroma.

  • This brilliant tea hails from the Kyushu Island area as a first-class type of green tea, appropriate for festive occasions. It is steamed longer than traditional Sencha tea, which imparts a full-bodied depth to its taste.

  • A tiny, dark green leaf, evenly rolled, makes for a light green infusion. Its cup results in a rich brew, with a traditional, delicate grassy flavor, while its unique processing imbues it with a bread-like sustenance and fullness even after several brews.

  • Tama-ryokucha translates to "curly tea".


  • Citrus, grass, berry


  • Japan


  • Yes


    • Add 1 Tbsp of tea to 12-oz of 75 degree Celsius water, and steep for 1 minute. Multiple infusions.