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A stainless steel tea strainer is a convenient and reusable tool that allows you to easily brew loose leaf tea right in your cup. The strainer sits on the rim of your cup and features a mesh basket for holding your tea leaves.

Simply add your desired amount of loose leaf tea to the basket, place the strainer in your cup, and pour hot water over the leaves. The fine mesh allows for the water to flow through, steeping the tea and infusing it with flavor. This type of strainer is easy to clean and is a sustainable alternative to disposable tea bags.

Enjoy your favorite loose leaf tea with ease using a stainless steel tea strainer, and savor every sip of your perfectly brewed cup of tea. Order now and experience the convenience of brewing loose leaf tea with a tea strainer that sits right in your cup.

• Extra Fine Tea Infuser Mesh Strainer

• Dimensions: 79 mm bottom diameter, 113 mm top diameter, 126 mm high

• FDA Approved Stainless Steel