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  • Yixing clay tea pot is made in Yixing, China.
  • Yixing tea pots date back to the Sug Dynasty (960-1279) when purple ("yixing") clay was first discovered. Artisians use purple clay because it contains natural minerals that create beautiful colors.
  • Yixing tea pots are highly regarded by tea connoisseurs for their ability to enhance the flavor of the tea. Because the clay is unglazed, it absorbs the oils and flavors of the tea brewed in it over time, developing a unique patina and flavor profile. As a result, Yixing tea pots are often used to brew a specific type of tea, such as oolong or puer, and are not typically used to brew other types of tea.
  • The teapots are often small, with a capacity of around 100-200ml, and are used in the Gongfu tea preparation, which emphasizes the skillful and attentive preparation of tea.


  • Pot itself is 3" high x 3-1/2" wide (does not include pot and lid handle measurements)
  • Holds 200ml of liquid


  • Yixing tea pots with continued use have the unique ability to absorb the tea flavor. As a result, we recommend using your yixing tea pot only for teas like oolong and puer.
  • Avoid brewing flavored tea in yixing pots because the natural or artificial flavor will be absorbed into the clay and will be difficult to remove.
  • Avoid using strong smelling soap to wash the pot because the fragrance may be absorbed into the clay. We recommend discarding the tea leaves and simply rinsing your teapot with warm water after use.


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