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Brewing the perfect cup of tea

Tea that is not brewed properly can be too weak, strong, and/or bitter, but properly prepared, high quality teas can yield multiple, delicious infusions. 

There are many factors that can influence brewing – the quality of the tea, the amount of loose tea in the pot, water temperature and quality, infusion time, and even the vessel one drinks from. Any one of these can make or break a delicious cup of tea, and the lover of tea might consider them all equally important. 

Yet, with so much attention to detail, we would caution one not to lose sight of the essence of tea. At the foundation, the real beauty of drinking tea is in the appreciation of tea itself, whether served loose in an antique teapot or bagged in a paper cup.

Brewing Darjeeling First Flush

In the photo, we are brewing a pot of Darjeeling First Flush using 9 grams of tea in a tea filter and 95 degrees Celsius water. We steep each of the two infusions for 2 minutes each. We are very precise in our brewing technique at the teahouse in order to serve a consistent product to our customers. However, when brewing tea at home, we scoop about 1-2 Tablespoons of tea into a 12-16 oz cup or pot, and then we add slightly cooled boiling water for 2 minutes. The exact amount of tea can be adjusted to how strong you like your infusion.

Still trying?

If your tea is too weak, too strong, or bitter, we recommend reviewing the brewing instructions on the tea listing on our site. If you are still struggling to make the perfect cuppa, feel free to email us. We're happy to help!